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Tanweer Solar Energy Technology was the first Local solar solution provider of powering the Metal Halide lamp of park lights & the High Pressure Sodium lamps of street lights in UAE, these type of lamps (Metal Halide & High Pressure Sodium) where been used from long time in all UAE government/privet projects and powered by the conventional ways.
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Tanweer Solar Energy

The Sun is the cause of human existence as it provides the energy for all life processes. The sun is the cause of Tanweer’s existence as well! Since its inception in 2003, Tanweer Solar Energy Technology has been successfully designing & developing solar energy solutions. For the past 12 years, Tanweer has been doing successful business by executing various solar energy projects and at the same time contributing towards a greener earth.

Going for Solar, think of Tanweer

Tanweer has to its credit a lot of governmental as well as private enterprise illumination projects. We take pride in successfully executing Municipality Projects where traditional non-renewable energy use has been replaced by 100% use of renewable solar energy.

At Tanweer, each project completed is relished as a success for our organization as well as for the environment because we know that by doing so we are one step closer to a green environment.

Our dream is unlimited

At the core of our business lies an optimum mix of “Innovation” with “Technology”. In today’s world, advancement in solar energy technology is at an unprecedented level and we make no delays in using the advanced technology. But, we do mix our bit of innovation in order to serve our clients better. Our team takes pride in having designed some of the most innovative solar powered products. We are continuously moving towards increased product efficiency and improved energy and space saving.

The company has earned a niche for itself as a reputed renewable energy solutions provider in the UAE and the Gulf. We will continue transforming corporates and governments to do their bit of environmental responsibility by adopting solar energy technology instead of conventional energy technology, and at the same time we will continue to improve our products by smarter decisions and innovations.

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Tanweer Solar Energy

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