Tanweer | Portable Solar LED Flood Light Tower
Tanweer Solar Energy Technology was the first Local solar solution provider of powering the Metal Halide lamp of park lights & the High Pressure Sodium lamps of street lights in UAE, these type of lamps (Metal Halide & High Pressure Sodium) where been used from long time in all UAE government/privet projects and powered by the conventional ways.
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Portable Solar LED Flood Light Tower

Charged by the sun during the day, powered by batteries at night,
without any need of an external supply.

Make the most of our Portable Solar Tower Flood Light which operate during day by getting energy from the Sun and at night via the special Trailer mounted Photovoltaic Solar Powered batteries which come with a one year warranty. The tower lights are best used at remote areas, camp sites, special events, construction sites, crime spots and investigation sites, military areas and the likes. This is an ideal choice for many industries considering the unmatched benefits like zero noise, zero fuel cost, no maintenance like lamp/oil/filter change nor any nauseating smell of diesel for the bystanders.

Common Application of Solar Powered Portable LED Flood Light Tower

  • Direct replacement of Diesel Powered Flood Light for Outdoor application
  • Security points
  • Construction and storage sites
  • Camp Areas
  • Remote Areas (No Grid parity)
  • Agriculture
  • Military Application
  • Outdoor Exhibitions

General Specification

  • LED Lamp 4 x 50 W.
  • LED Light Life 50000 hrs.
  • Full Night Operation
  • Lights ON/OFF with photocell,
  • Timer & Manual
  • Maintenance Free Battery Bank
  • Upto 4m Mechanical Mast
  • 360o Rotating Mast & Flood Lamps
  • Big Tires (14”)
  • 1 year overall Warranty

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